2003 Photo Contest, Nature, 1st prize

Antonin Kratochvil

VII for Discover

01 February, 2002

A woman sells 'bushmeat' at a logging village on the fringes of the Ndoki national reserve. Animals hunted for bushmeat include antelope, crocodiles, elephant and primates. Over a million tons of wildlife, the equivalent of 4 million cattle, are killed annually in Central Africa alone, seriously depleting stocks of some species. Poorer rural peoples in the Congo Basin have traditionally relied on wildlife for between 60 per cent and 80 per cent of their protein. But in recent years hunting for bushmeat has accelerated beyond sustainable levels, as demand from cities and logging settlements has grown. Illegal commercial hunting has burgeoned, threatening a number of animal populations in the area. Species with slow reproductive patterns, such as gorillas and elephants, are especially threatened as they are often killed before reaching maturity.

About the photographer

Antonin Kratochvil

Antonin Kratochvil, Czech Republic, is a founder of VII photo agency. As a photojournalist he has tackled a good deal of upheaval and human catastrophe, whilst going about his do...

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