2003 Photo Contest, Portraits, 1st prize

George Georgiou

Panos Pictures

01 April, 2002

A nurse relaxes in the reception room of a clinic in the spa town. Three years after the cease-fire in Serbia, the people in the region still suffer economic hardship and await further international aid. A perception that they have been betrayed by the West is growing, leading to a sense of isolation. Disillusionment that democracy is not producing the desired results appeared to express itself in voter apathy. Serbian presidential elections in October failed, and moved the country towards a political crisis. In February 2003 parliament voted to dissolve a 74-year-old federation, finally consigning the name 'Yugoslavia' to history. The federation was replaced by the two republics of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro, which share a common foreign and defense policy, but are otherwise independent.

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George Georgiou

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