2003 Photo Contest, General News, 3rd prize

Patrick Andrade

Gamma for Newsweek

15 February, 2002

A boy crouches beneath a truck to gather stray lumps of charcoal dropped during distribution by Red Cross workers in Kabul, Afghanistan. Twenty years of conflict have ravaged the country and made everyday life difficult, especially in Kabul and the densely populated south. Winter brought further difficulties to an already destitute population. Aid organizations implemented programs to help with reconstruction of the country, including rehabilitating the water supply and providing blankets, winter fuel and plastic sheeting. Patrick Andrade: 'Residents of Kabul were lining up to receive their rations of charcoal and other aid – a cold and extremely dusty scene that left a black mask on everyone's face. Among the adults arguing over their place in line was a group of children who waited around the supply truck to dart in when pieces of coal fell from the bags as they were being unloaded. Two of the boys had found a place beneath the truck, out of sight, where they could sift through the sand without being confronted. Scared and choking from the dust, they filled their bags with scraps of charcoal for themselves and their families.' (World Press Photo retrospective Children's Jury exhibition, 2003)

About the photographer

Patrick Andrade

Patrick Andrade (Colorado, USA, 1975) studied journalism at Colorado State University. After his graduation, he moved to New York in 1998 to work as a newspaper photographer for ...

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