2014 Photo Contest, Nature, 1st prize

Fennec Fox, A Species in Danger


Bruno D'Amicis

22 April, 2013

An adult fennec fox crouches in a village sheep pen.

About the photographer

Bruno D'Amicis

Bruno D’Amicis was born in 1979 in Rome, where he later studied biology and became a wildlife photojournalist, specializing in mountain ecosystems and conservation issues. He has...

Background story

An adult fennec fox crouches in a village sheep pen. The fox had been captured as a cub, and kept as a pet for over a year.

The fennec is the smallest of the Canidae (dog family) and is found in desert and semi-desert areas of North Africa. It is particularly well-adapted to desert conditions—its large ears help dissipate heat, furry under-paws provide insulation against hot sands, and it can live without water for long periods, deriving all it needs from its prey. Fennecs are not an endangered species, but—prized for their appearance—they are systematically being captured to be sold as pets, or used to make money from tourists wishing to pose for souvenir photographs.

Technical information

Shutter Speed
Focal length
17.0 mm

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