2018 Photo Contest, People, 2nd prize

Manal, War Portraits


Alessio Mamo

Médecins Sans Frontières

10 July, 2017

Manal (11), a victim of a missile explosion in Kirkuk, Iraq, wears a mask for several hours a day to protect her face, following extensive plastic surgery at the Médecins Sans Frontières Reconstructive Surgery Program, Al-Mowasah Hospital, Amman, Jordan.

Children and adults from Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Gaza who have been badly injured by bombs, car explosions or other accidents live in the hospital with a relative or friend.

Manal, who was displaced along with her mother and two brothers, endured severe burns to her face and arms. She had no surgery before coming to Jordan and had difficulty in closing her right eye. After many plastic surgery operations, she now wears her mask for several hours a day, primarily to protect her skin from the light. Manal has many friends at the hospital, and loves drawing and telling stories, as well as the many organized activities for children.

About the photographer

Alessio Mamo

Alessio Mamo is a Sicilian photographer based in Catania, Italy and a regular contributor for The Guardian and L'Espresso.   After completing a degree in chemistry, Ma...

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