2018 Photo Contest, General News, 2nd prize

Rohingya Refugees Flee Into Bangladesh to Escape Ethnic Cleansing


Kevin Frayer

Getty Images

01 October, 2017

A Rohingya refugee is helped from a boat as she arrives at Shah Porir Dwip, near Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Attacks on the villages of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, and the burning of their homes, led to hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing into Bangladesh on foot or by boat. Many died in the attempt. According to UNICEF, more than half of those fleeing were children. In Bangladesh, refugees were housed in existing camps and makeshift settlements. Conditions became critical; basic services came under severe pressure and, according to a Médecins Sans Frontières physician based there, most people lacked clean water, shelter and sanitation, bringing the threat of disease.

In January 2020, the International Court of Justice ordered Myanmar to take measures to protect the Rohingya community from genocide, but Myanmar says it is targeting militants, not civilians. Bangladesh has informed the UN that it will no longer accept Rohingya refugees.

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