2019 Photo Contest, Nature, 3rd Prize

Glass Butterfly


Angel Fitor

06 May, 2018

A winged comb jelly, Leucothea multicornis, its wings widely opened, propels itself through
waters off Alicante, Spain.

Leucothea multicornis, like other comb jellies, is a voracious predator, capturing its prey
using sticky cells rather than by stinging. Little is currently known about the biology of comb
jellies. Because the creatures are so fragile and fold their wings in reaction to the slightest
vibration, they are extremely difficult to study and to photograph.

About the photographer

Angel Fitor

Angel Fitor is a professional photographer and writer who has been specialising in marine and freshwater environments since the late 1980 ́s. As part of his journey to become ...

Technical information

Shutter Speed
Focal length
20 mm
Nikon D800

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