1973 Photo Contest, Photo Sequences, 2nd prize

Vaclav Jirsa

Vecernik Praha

01 October, 1972

The critical second at the most difficult hurdle, named 'Taxis's moat', in the Great Pardubice Steeplechase. Vaclav Jirsa made this photograph from a scaffold which was about 1,5m high and located behind all other photographers and perfect for a top view. He used a Leicaflex camera with a motordrive to make the sequence.

About the photographer

Vaclav Jirsa

Vaclav Jirsa (Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1938) was educated as an engineer and worked as a constructor in the Czech dockyard after his graduation. In 1962, he began photographing fo...

Technical information

Shutter Speed
1/2000 s
Focal length

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