1995 Photo Contest, People in the News, 2nd prize

Carol Guzy

The Washington Post

01 August, 1994

General Raoul Cédras, the de facto dictator of Haiti, salutes during a flag raising at the presidential palace. Cédras came to power in a coup d'état against democratically elected President Aristide in 1991. In September 1994, US President Clinton increased the pressure to depose the military clique which ruled the Caribbean republic. While a 23-vessel armada stood off the island ready to invade, a US delegation headed by former President Carter succeeded in an eleventh-hour attempt to resolve the situation peacefully. With a mere 7,700 troops to command, Haiti's military leaders had little option but to depart, thus clearing the way for Aristide's return, which was preceded by an invasion of some 20,000 US forces.

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Carol Guzy

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