1995 Photo Contest, General News, 2nd prize

Paul Lowe

Magnum Photos for Stern / Time

01 December, 1994

A spiritual leader performs the 'Zikra' religious dance. One of more than 30 Muslim minorities, the Chechens have their own rituals. Yeltsin's attempts to subdue the rebel republic of Chechnya started with a show of strength followed by an ultimatum in December. When that didn't work, the Russian army bombed the capital of Grozny and surrounded it with tanks. The Russian invasion of Grozny was repeatedly rebuffed by the separatists, who were greatly outnumbered and had to buy their own inferior weapons. The largest Russian military operation since the Afghan war claimed many casualties among soldiers, rebels and civilians.

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Paul Lowe

Paul Lowe is a senior lecturer in photography and an award-winning photographer. Since 2004, Paul has been the overall course director of the Masters program in Photojournalism a...

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