1995 Photo Contest, Sports, 1st prize

Stephen Dupont

Katz Pictures

01 January, 1994

Push-ups are part of the wrestling training at the wrestling school of Guru Hanuman (95) in Old Delhi. Guru Hanuman (1901-1999) was celibate and a vegetarian. He was given his name, which he shared with the valiant monkey-god of Hindu legend, by holy men when he went in search of god as a teenager. Hanuman was a legendary wrestling coach, who ran a wrestling school in Old Delhi. Since it opened in 1928, about 100,000 boys have attended the gymnasium, where aspiring athletes from the age of five are put through rigorous training routines. The guru's students have won medals at the Asian, Commonwealth and Olympic Games. Using his political connections - he counted several maharajahs among his patrons - Guru Hanuman frequently found his pupils jobs in the police force, the army or on the railways.

About the photographer

Stephen Dupont

Stephen Dupont (Sydney, Australia, 1967) is a self-taught photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. He is based in Australia and regularly works on assignments for Time, Newswee...

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