2014 Photo Contest, Nature, 3rd prize

Bonobos - our unknown cousins


Christian Ziegler

for National Geographic magazine

01 June, 2011

Bonobos eat mainly fruit, young plant shoots and plant pith, but they may also feed on insects and honey, as well as small reptiles, mammals and birds, if they can catch them.

Bonobos, along with chimpanzees, are our closest living relatives. They are also among the least-studied of primates. Unlike chimpanzees, who are territorial and combative, bonobos are relatively peaceful creatures, and appear to use sex as a means of social communication. Sex, for bonobos, is not restricted to male-female copulation during the female’s fertile period, but includes various gender combinations, and occurs in a variety of situations, including greeting, relieving tension, and as an expression of reconciliation.

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Christian Ziegler

He is a regular contributor to National Geographic magazine and has been widely published in other magazines such as Geo, Smithsonian, and BBC Wildlife. Christian’s aim is to hig...

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