1965 Photo Contest, General News, Honorable Mention

James Bourdier

The Associated Press

27 September, 1965

A student is killed by a Dominican Army guard during a demonstration outside the National Palace, to protest the presence of U.S. troops in Santo Domingo. In April 1965, a revolt had broken out against the military regime, which ruled the Dominican Republic since it had overthrown the democratically elected government of Juan Bosch in September 1963. The uprising was ended by an American military intervention, as the United States feared that communists might take over in the country.  

About the photographer

James Bourdier

James Bourdier (died in 1987, aged 58) started his career as a photojournalist at the Opelousas Daily World. In 1961, he joined the Associated Press (AP) in New Orleans. Later, h...

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