2007 Photo Contest, Arts and Entertainment, 1st prize

Espen Rasmussen

Verdens Gang

21 June, 2006

A girl gathers flowers for midsummer celebrations on a hill near the town of Piltinkalns. The rituals around the summer solstice have roots in pagan belief, and are widely observed across the Baltic region. Around 200 people gather on the hilltop on midsummer's night every year, to sing, dance and make bonfires through to dawn. On the day running up to the festivities, women and girls collect herbs and flowers to make into wreaths to wear.

About the photographer

Espen Rasmussen

He works as a picture editor at VG Helg, the weekend magazine of daily Norwegian newspaper, VG. He is represented by Panos Pictures Espen has won numerous awards for his work, i...

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