2007 Photo Contest, Daily Life, 1st prize

Spencer Platt

Getty Images

15 August, 2006

Beirut, Lebanon. Young Lebanese drive down a street in Haret Shreik, a southern suburb of Beirut, to check on their homes after bombardments by Israel. In July 2006, The Islamic Resistance, the armed wing of the Shia Lebanese military and political organization Hezbollah, had captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid. For nearly five weeks, Israel had been targeting that part of the city and towns across southern Lebanon in a campaign against Hezbollah militants. As a ceasefire gradually came into force from 14 August, thousands of Lebanese began to return to their homes. According to the Lebanese government, 15,000 homes and 900 commercial concerns were damaged. In response, Israeli attacked Lebanese targets, launching a month-long war. A UN peacekeeping force was deployed on Lebanon’s southern border, followed by the Lebanese army.

About the photographer

Spencer Platt

Spencer Platt grew up in Westport, Connecticut. He graduated from Clark University with a degree in English. During university he worked as a features writer at the college paper...

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