1982 Photo Contest, General News, 2nd prize

Eddie Adams

The Associated Press

01 January, 1981

Mickey Hays at home with his grandfather. Mickey suffers from progeria, a rare disease that causes children to age the equivalent of 10 years every year. They rarely live past the age of 14. Mickey Hays eventually died on 30 June 1992, aged 20, one of the longest survivors of the disease. Hays brought worldwide attention to progeria when in 1981 he met Fransie Geringer from South Africa, who suffered from the same affliction. In 1985, he played a space alien in the film The Aurora Encounter, and in 1987 he made an appearance in Kirby Dick's documentary I Am Not A Freak.

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Eddie Adams

The photographic career of American photojournalist Eddie Adams (New Kensington, Pennsylvania 1933 - New York City 2004) spanned 45 years, in which he covered every possible subj...

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