2001 Photo Contest, Daily Life, 1st prize

Jodi Bieber

Network Photographers for Pro Helvetia / Arts Council of Switserland

01 March, 2000

An illegal immigrant jumps from the train deporting him from South Africa to his home country. The Anti-Corruption Unit is investigating a case in which policemen accepted bribes from returnees to jump off the train in South Africa. Some people died from the jump. Since the first South African democratic elections in 1994, there has been a marked increase in people from elsewhere in Africa making their way into the country. Around 180,000 illegal immigrants are deported annually. In February, police mounted Operation Crackdown to reduce crime levels and detain illegal migrants.

About the photographer

Jodi Bieber

Jodi Bieber is a photographer from South Africa whose work explores contemporary issues related to gender, politics and identity, often contradicting the mainstream media narrati...

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