2001 Photo Contest, General News, 3rd prize

Dudley M. Brooks

The Washington Post

01 March, 2000

Hundreds of members of a religious cult died in an explosion in a church. The cult had predicted the end of the world for midnight on December 31, 1999. Members were told to sell their possessions and give the proceeds to the movement. On March 17 a bell summoned them to the church. Half an hour later an explosion was heard and a fire broke out, killing everyone in the building. Ugandan authorities issued arrest warrants for the cult leaders on charges of murder. Evidence of further mass deaths was found at other sites around the country. Officials found it difficult to assess the total number of victims, the final toll was given as between 500 and 1,000.

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Dudley M. Brooks

Dudley M. Brooks is the deputy director of Photography for The Washington Post, where he manages the creative strategy and production of photo content for the Features, Local, an...

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