2016 Photo Contest, Contemporary Issues, 2nd prize

The Forgotten Mountains of Sudan


Adriane Ohanesian

27 February, 2015

Adam Abdel (7) was badly burned when a bomb dropped by a government plane landed next to his family’s home, in rebel-held territory in Darfur. Adam was blown out of the house by the force of the blast, and his clothes caught fire. Two weeks later, his burns were still healing. Treatment was hard to obtain, because the government continued to deny NGOs and relief workers access to rebel-held territory.

Unrest in Darfur ignited in 2003, after the government of President Omar al-Bashir cracked down on an insurgency. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced.

About the photographer

Adriane Ohanesian

Upon the completion of her degree, she moved to Sudan and has been photographing mainly in Africa ever since. Adriane has continued to document the civil war in South Sudan, fig...

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