2016 Photo Contest, Daily Life, 2nd prize

Amazon's Munduruku Tribe


Mauricio Lima

Al Jazeera America

10 February, 2015

Children play in the Tapajós River, home to the Munduruku people, in the Brazilian Amazon. The Munduruku is one of the largest ethnic groups in Brazil, and for at least three centuries its people have lived along the Tapajós River.

The Tapajós is one of the last great Amazonian rivers without a dam, but the Brazilian government is planning a hydroelectric plant which will flood much of Munduruku land. Their leaders say they have a constitutional right to remain on their land, but that the government is refusing to acknowledge it.

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Mauricio Lima

He graduated with a degree in Communications from PUC University (1996-2001), in addition to photojournalism studies at Senac Institute, in 1998. As a documentary photographer, ...

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