2017 Photo Contest, Daily Life, 3rd prize

Isle of Salvation


Francesco Comello

05 October, 2015

Maria and Alexandra help harvest potatoes. They have become inseparable friends.

The Isle of Salvation is a reclusive spiritual and educational community on the busy road between Moscow and Yaroslavl in Russia. It was founded in the 1990s by an orthodox priest, and initially comprised some 30 people, dedicated to living a holy life. The community now looks after children with family or social problems. Around 300 boys and girls are cared for by the Isle of Salvation. There is no TV, no internet and no money in circulation—all are deemed society’s evils. The focus is on God and fatherland and on spiritual and physical development. People work the land, study and dance.

About the photographer

Francesco Comello

Whilst he was at school he became interested in photography and now he has come up with the idea of producing photographic stories. To accomplish this goal he has traveled extens...

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