2019 Photo Contest, Portraits, Stories, 2nd Prize

Northwest Passages


Jessica Dimmock

for Topic

07 December, 2017

Mailee (56) used to dress in something feminine after her wife left for work and before the sun rose, then drive to work herself. On the way, if she could pluck up the courage, she would stop in the carpark of a hardware store and walk around imagining she was shopping. Then she would change back into men’s clothing in her truck, and proceed to work.

Transgender individuals around the world are still exposed to widespread social stigma and abuse. For many transgender women, coming to terms with their female selves is an ongoing process. Some find resourceful ways in which to express their identities in private. Senior transgender women in northwestern USA are pictured in the places where they hid their female identities for decades. 

About the photographer

Jessica Dimmock

Jessica Dimmock is a filmmaker and photographer.  Dimmock is the recipient of numerous international awards for her photography and video work, including two World P...

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