2002 Photo Contest, People in the News, Stories, 2nd prize

Erik Refner

Berlingske Tidende

05 June, 2001

In the overcrowded Jalozai camp, 80,000 refugees from Afghanistan endure squalid conditions. Decades of political instability and drought have driven millions over the border into Pakistan, overwhelming the existing camps. By June, Jalozai could not cope with the numbers, and food and shelter were scarce. Although relief workers tried to provide basic health services, children died from disease or dehydration. Eight months later, the United Nations closed the camp, moving refugees to other areas.

About the photographer

Erik Refner

After 20 years behind the camera, Erik Refner has now devoted his career to helping photographers. He is the CEO of IDIP.Agency, an organization that finds and protects photograp...

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