2002 Photo Contest, Spot News, 2nd prize

Antoine Serra

Corbis Sygma

20 July, 2001

The body of Carlo Giuliani (23), lies in the street following clashes between police and anti-globalization protesters. At the G8 summit, the leaders of eight industrialized nations met behind a four-meter steel barrier to discuss global issues. As the meeting opened, more than 100,000 demonstrators streamed into the city, most holding peaceful protests about the G8 nations' handling of social issues. Street violence escalated, when riot police with shields confronted protesters overturning cars and damaging buildings. Witnesses to Giuliani's death said they heard shots, and saw a police vehicle reverse over him. The Italian Interior Ministry told the press Giuliani was shot twice in the head by a carabinieri police force member, in an act of self-defense.

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Antoine Serra

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