2004 Photo Contest, Daily Life, 2nd prize

Erik Refner

Rapho / Berlingske Tidende

17 May, 2002

A 1950s Pontiac roars into town. Devotees of rock-and-roll retro gather for a 'Hemsby Rock 'n' Roll Weekender'. The festivals take place twice a year, in May and October, and can lay claim to being the biggest rock-and-roll lifestyle events in Europe, attracting thousands of fans from all over the world. Hemsby is chosen as a location as the village has changed little in the past 50 years. The 'Weekenders' last five days and nights and include live rockabilly music and other events that rekindle the spirit of the 1950s.

About the photographer

Erik Refner

After 20 years behind the camera, Erik Refner has now devoted his career to helping photographers. He is the CEO of IDIP.Agency, an organization that finds and protects photograp...

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