2005 Photo Contest, Nature, 2nd prize

Patrick Brown

Panos Pictures / OnAsia Images

01 January, 2003

A group of men from the National Forestry Department check maps and prepare for a night incursion into the park. Asian wildlife is being plundered and trafficked on an unprecedented scale. It is estimated that wildlife traders export 25,000 to 30,000 primates every year, along with millions of birds, reptiles and tropical fish. The animals are kept as pets, and their body parts used for decoration, or for medicinal and magical purposes. Small-time local poachers are caught and jailed, but more powerful, organized traffickers often operate unhindered due to official corruption and inertia.

About the photographer

Patrick Brown

Born in Sheffield, England, Patrick spent his childhood moving to the Middle East and Africa before his family finally settled in Perth, Western Australia. On leaving school, Pa...

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