2006 Photo Contest, Arts and Entertainment, 2nd prize

Haibo Yu

Shenzhen Economic Daily

03 June, 2005

Though some painters specialize in the work of one artist, most have to adapt to a variety of Masters' styles. Dafen oil-painting village is the largest painting workshop in China. Over 8,000 artists produce some five million works a year for export, copying classical masterpieces by the likes of Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso and Rafael. The first painting factory in Dafen was started by a printer from Hong Kong in 1986. Favorable transport and communication links, as well as low labor costs, led to rapid international success, and there are now around 300 similar factories in the village. The painters come from regions all over China, many of them young peasants with ambitions to earn their living from art.

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Haibo Yu

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