2006 Photo Contest, People in the News, 2nd prize

Jan Grarup

Politiken / Rapho

01 December, 2005

Men wait for help some 60km from the epicenter of the massive October earthquake in Kashmir. After walking for days in the mountains, they reached the helipad only to find that supplies of tents and blankets had run out. The earthquake affected one of the highest and most remote regions on earth. Difficult terrain slowed relief work, and later snow would disrupt efforts even further. Over three million people were left homeless by the quake. By December the harsh Himalayan winter was closing in. Most tents distributed by aid workers were not designed to cope with the extreme cold.

About the photographer

Jan Grarup

Grarup’s work reflects his belief in photojournalism’s role as an instrument of witness and memory to incite change, and the necessity of telling the stories of people who are re...

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