2006 Photo Contest, Daily Life, 1st prize

Jacob Aue Sobol

25 April, 2004

Women of the Gomez Brito family help sowing beans. Usually they stay at home working on household chores and help in the fields during busy times.

The Gomez Brito family are Ixil Mayans living near the village of Nebaj in a remote mountain region, inaccessible to outsiders until modern times. As a result of their isolation the Ixil Mayans long maintained their traditional beliefs and way of dress, but in the late 1970s and 1980s the region was engulfed in a civil war and many indigenous people were displaced. When peace returned in the 1990s the family, like many others, were able to return to their traditional ways. Mother Juanita and father Andrés live with their nine children. They work on small plots of land that have belonged to their family for generations. From sunrise to sunset the family collect fruit and berries, cultivate corn and beans, and tend their animals.

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Jacob Aue Sobol

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