2006 Photo Contest, Sports Feature, 3rd prize

Judit Berekai & Tomasz Gudzowaty

Yours Gallery / Focus Photo und Presse Agentur for Pozytyw

01 January, 2005

The 'wrestler's pillar' is Nada Kusti's most characteristic piece of training equipment and is used to develop strength in the legs, arms and upper body. Nada Kusti is a traditional form of Indian wrestling that goes back thousands of years, employing methods used to train ancient warriors. Wrestlers attend twice daily practice sessions at a traditional garadi (gym). Contests take place in an arena covered with a red clay dust, which coats the wrestlers and is thought to have curative properties.

About the photographer

Judit Berekai & Tomasz Gudzowaty

Judit Berekai is a photographer from Hungary. See her full profile. Tomasz Gudzowaty (born 1971) is a Polish documentary, portrait and art photographer, who gained international...

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