2006 Photo Contest, Contemporary Issues, 1st prize

Olivier Jobard

Sipa Press for Paris Match

07 October, 2004

Would-be immigrants, having repaired a capsized boat, are anxious about using it again. They make their second attempt a day after the first failed, bailing out water continuously. Later, they were picked up by coastguards and taken to a detention center on the Canary Islands. After three weeks, Moroccans were repatriated. Others, who had not revealed their nationality, could not be deported and had to remain in Spain. Kingsley (22), one of the clandestine immigrants, was flown to Malaga on the Spanish mainland, after being picked up by the coastguard. The short distance across the sea from northern Africa to mainland Spain or the Canary Islands is a popular route for illegal immigrants looking for a better life in Europe. Kingsley is one who attempted the passage. In his hometown in Cameroon, Kingsley earned just US$ 30 a month as a lifeguard at a hotel. He had already tried to reach Europe once before, but turned back in Nigeria having run out of funds. On his second trip, he managed to raise more than US$ 1,000 to pay for the trip, for smuggler fees, and to finance his first weeks in Europe.

About the photographer

Olivier Jobard

Born in 1970, Olivier Jobard joined the Louis Lumière School in 1990. He was offered an end-of-course internship at the Sipa Press agency and joined their photography team two ye...

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