2015 Photo Contest, Daily Life, Singles, 1st prize

The Bull Market


Cai Sheng Xiang

Fuzhou Ping Yi Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd

14 November, 2014

Yi people gather to trade cattle and horses at a market.

About the photographer

Cai Sheng Xiang

Cai Sheng Xiang was born in 1966 in Yangzhong Township, Youxi County, Fujian Province, China. In 1987, he graduated from Fujian University of Technology with a degree in machiner...

Background story

Yi villagers hold a cattle market in a forest outside the town of Niuniuba, near Liangshan, in Sichuan.

The Yi ethnic minority live largely by agriculture, livestock herding and hunting. There are around 7.5 million Yi in China, concentrated principally in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces.

Technical information

Shutter Speed
Focal length
35.0 mm
Nikon D700

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