1990 Photo Contest, Children's Award, Individual awards

Rosemary Kaul

Los Angeles Times

01 January, 1989

This was the first oil-coated bird found on the rocks of Prince William Sound in Alaska, after the ecological disaster caused by the oil tanker Exxon Valdez in March 1989. About 1,600km of coastline was fouled by the oil spill. Rosemary Kaul: 'I happened to be one of the first photographers at the scene of the oil spill disaster because I was working on a story about logging operations in Wrangler, Alaska. I hopped on a small plane that took me to the spill area. With two other photographers, I walked along the shore searching for affected wildlife. After we had found the bird, a helicopter pilot agreed to take it back to the wildlife rescue and cleanup operation. Later, thousands of other birds were also taken there.' (World Press Photo retrospective Children's Jury exhibition, 2003)

About the photographer

Rosemary Kaul

Rosemary Kaul worked for newspapers in Chicago for six years prior to joining The Los Angeles Times, where she stayed for 11 years until 1994. She then moved to Albuquerque, and ...

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