1999 Photo Contest, Portraits, 3rd prize

Antonin Kratochvil

Saba Press Photos for Detour

01 January, 1998

Actor Jean Reno on the set of his latest film, 'Ronin'. Born in Casablanca, Morocco, to Spanish parents who were fleeing Franco's fascist regime, Reno later settled in France. He has a long association with the director Luc Besson, and became well known for portraying cool, often murderous characters in stylized Besson films such as 'Léon', screened in the US as 'The Professional'. Reno scored his first Hollywood hit with 'Mission: Impossible'. A role as a French insurance agent in 'Godzilla' helped secure his status as a star.

About the photographer

Antonin Kratochvil

Antonin Kratochvil, Czech Republic, is a founder of VII photo agency. As a photojournalist he has tackled a good deal of upheaval and human catastrophe, whilst going about his do...

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