1999 Photo Contest, Portraits, 3rd prize

Paolo Pellegrin

Grazia Neri for Medici Senza Frontiere

01 January, 1998

Nhan (25), a former sex-worker from Vietnam, lives in Phnom Penh. She has Aids. Cambodia is facing the worst HIV epidemic in Asia. In 1991, less than one in a 1,000 healthy young men donating blood in Phnom Penh tested positive. By 1994, that had risen to one in 30. In places, up to 90 percent of sex-workers are infected.

About the photographer

Paolo Pellegrin

Paolo Pellegrin was born in 1964 in Rome, Italy. He studied architecture at Sapienza Università di Roma, before moving on to photography at the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, a...

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