2006 Photo Contest, Nature, 3rd prize

Daniel Beltrá


26 October, 2005

Sand banks along the Amazon River, 90 miles east of Manaus, Brazil.

The Amazon region experienced its worst drought in many decades. Low water levels stranded river-life and boats. Those communities who relied on river transport were isolated and had to depend on airlifts for supplies. Greenpeace blamed the drought on global warming and deforestation, claiming that forest burning had raised temperatures and prevented cloud formation. Brazilian government meteorologists said the dry weather had been caused by unusually high temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean and also linked it to the year's devastating hurricanes.

About the photographer

Daniel Beltrá

His passion for conservation is evident in images of our environment that are evocatively poignant. The most striking large-scale photographs by Beltrá are images shot from the a...

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