2000 Photo Contest, People in the News, 1st prize

Paolo Pellegrin

Grazia Neri

01 April, 1999

Having just crossed the border in a tractor, Kosovar Albanian refugees arrive at a camp on the road to Kuk√ęs, Albania. By 19 March 1999, peace talks in Rambouillet, France, had broken down, with the Serbs refusing to agree to a NATO peace-keeping force in Kosovo. The failure of diplomacy opened the way for NATO airstrikes. After the first bombardment of Serbia on 24 March, Serbian troops and paramilitaries intensified attacks on Kosovo villages, and the exodus to neighboring countries escalated.

About the photographer

Paolo Pellegrin

Paolo Pellegrin was born in 1964 in Rome, Italy. He studied architecture at Sapienza Università di Roma, before moving on to photography at the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, a...

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