2003 Photo Contest, General News, Honorable mention

Larry Towell

Magnum Photos

01 May, 2002

Smoke damage and cracks in a wall of a house in Jenin Refugee Camp. The invasion of Jenin refugee camp by the Israeli defense force in April was on a scale surpassing most other operations the Israelis had carried out since the the start of the Second Intifada in September 2000. Many homes were bulldozed, or scarred by shrapnel. Others were scorched by incendiary bombs that left household goods melted and charred. Over 140 houses were demolished and more than a quarter of the 14,000 Palestinians estimated to be living in the camp were left homeless.

About the photographer

Larry Towell

Larry Towell has worked for many years as a freelance Magnum photographer in areas of conflict and social unrest. His work has resulted in thirteen books, hundreds of journal pub...

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