2004 Photo Contest, People in the News, 3rd prize

Erik Refner

Rapho / Berlingske Tidende

16 June, 2003

Refugees at the airport in Bunia, DR Congo. In May 2003, a new wave of ethnic violence between Hema and Lendu militias hit the town of Bunia. The city, which once had 300,000 citizens, has experienced some of the most horrific atrocities of a conflict that has lasted nearly five years. An estimated 50,000 people from the region have been killed in the fighting and the rest have fled, leaving around just 10,000 survivors, mostly in and about UN buildings in the town.

About the photographer

Erik Refner

After 20 years behind the camera, Erik Refner has now devoted his career to helping photographers. He is the CEO of IDIP.Agency, an organization that finds and protects photograp...

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