2018 Photo Contest, Sports, 2nd prize

Peace Football Club


Juan D Arredondo

16 September, 2017

Former FARC guerrillas and Colombian Armed Forces soldiers get ready for a football match at the Vigia del Fuerte transitional zone, Colombia.

Guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), having laid down weapons after more than 50 years of conflict, have moved from jungle camps to ‘transitional zones’ across the country, to demobilize and begin the return to civilian life. Many are taking part in football matches with teams made up of members of the Colombian military, as well as victims of the conflict. The plan is for the best players from transitional-zone teams to form La Paz FC (Peace FC) football team.

About the photographer

Juan D Arredondo

While working as a research scientist at a major pharmaceutical company, he became interested in photography. After studying photography at ICP and interning for photographers Lo...

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