1992 Photo Contest, Others, Individual awards

April Saul

The Philadelphia Inquirer

01 January, 1991

Joseph Gesualdi listens to the sounds made by his unborn sister during a visit at the prenatal clinic. Photographer April Saul first met Penny Gesualdi when she was doing a photo story on a birthing suite at a Philadelphia hospital. She kept on photographing Penny, her husband Joe, and children Joseph Jr., Marqessa and Domenica for her long-term project on an American family. The awarded story is about the arrival of baby Domenica in the family and its influence on family life. April Saul told News Photographer in August 1992: ‘As a single mother of small children, I look for my stories close to home. I have found it especially rewarding to document the Gesualdis as they try to make a good life for their kids. Equally rewarding – and shocking to both myself and to the family – has been the response. The story won First in Feature Picture Story in Pictures of the Year and won the Budapest Award in the 1992 World Press Photo contest. I don’t think I’ll ever forget standing in a Hungarian museum and seeing my pictures of Marqie’s and Joseph’s messy room and of Penny giving birth hanging side by side with stark photos of death and devastation in a World Press exhibition.’

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