1994 Photo Contest, General News, 2nd prize

James Nachtwey

Magnum Photos for Time

01 May, 1993

Serbs killed in action are dumped in a farmyard behind Bosnian lines. A Serbian infantry attack near the village of Rahic, outside Brcko, was successfully repulsed by Bosnian forces. The Serbs who were killed in action were collected from the battlefield and taken by truck behind Bosnian lines. They were returned to their comrades the following day. In 1992, irregular Serb forces had captured and 'ethnically cleansed' the town of Brcko in northern Bosnia-Herzegovina, on the border with Croatia. During the spring of 1993, they pushed south to widen their land link to Serbia, fighting Bosnian youths who defended the Bosnian hamlets they found in their way. The sustained hostilities turned the sons of farmers and shopkeepers into veteran fighters.

About the photographer

James Nachtwey

Photographs of the Vietnam War and the American Civil Rights movement inspired him to become a photographer. While teaching himself photography, he worked as truck driver and as ...

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