2010 Photo Contest, People in the News, 1st prize

Pietro Masturzo

20 June, 2009

Young men sitting on a rooftop during the protests against the Iranian regime after the disputed Iranian elections. The result had been a victory for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over opposition candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, but there were allegations of vote-rigging. In the ensuing weeks, violent demonstrations took place in the streets. At night, supporters of Mousavi climbed their rooftops, shouting expressions of their discontent. As the streets emptied and went quiet after daytime demonstrations, cries of 'Allahu akbar!' and 'Death to the dictator!' filled the night air. These protests were an echo of the ones that took place during the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

About the photographer

Pietro Masturzo

Pietro Masturzo (Naples, 1980) is a documentary photographer and a photoreporter whose work focuses on socio-political issues, with a particular interest in the resilience and th...

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