1975 Photo Contest, Spot News, 2nd prize

James Soullier

Sunday Times

01 January, 1974

Mozambican soldier and the child of a Portuguese colonist in a train. When the Carnation Revolution in Portugal made an end to the government of Marcelo Caetano, ending 50 years of dictatorship, thousands of Portuguese citizens left Mozambique. The new head of the Portuguese government, General António de Spínola, called for a ceasefire of the Mozambican war of independence, which had been raging in Mozambique since 1964. With the change of government in Lisbon, many soldiers refused to continue fighting. Negotiations between the Portuguese administration culminated in the Lusaka Accord signed on 7 September 1974. Formal independence was set for 25 June 25 1975.

About the photographer

James Soullier

James Soullier (Ontario, Canada, 1928 - Johannesburg, South Africa, 2005) worked as chief staff photographer for the Sunday Times between 1965 and 1991.

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