2021 Photo Contest, Nature, 3rd Prize

New Life


Jaime Culebras

25 July, 2020

The eggs of a Wiley’s glass frog, Nymphargus wileyi, hang on the tip of a leaf in Tropical Andean cloud forest, near the Yanayacu Biological Station, Napo, Ecuador.

Nymphargus wileyi inhabits primary cloud forests. Individuals can be found on leaves at night. Females deposit eggs in a gelatinous mass on the dorsal surface of leaves hanging above streams, near the tip. A male can fertilize up to four clutches of eggs in a breeding season. The whitish embryos, between 19 and 28 per clutch, will develop for a few days until they are ready to drop into the water to continue their metamorphosis. Nymphargus wileyi is known only from examples discovered around the Yanayacu Biological Station, and so is listed as ‘data deficient’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The IUCN considers around 40 percent of all known amphibians to be threatened, but as not enough is known about data-deficient species, they are not included in this figure and so are often ignored in conservation strategies.

About the photographer

Jaime Culebras

Jaime Culebra is a reptile and amphibian researcher, and nature photographer based in Ecuador. He holds a Bachelor of Biology, an MSc. in Environmental Education, an MSc in Bi...

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