2021 Photo Contest, Spot News, 3rd Prize

Forest Fire


Nuno Andre Ferreira

Agência Lusa

07 September, 2020

A child sits inside a car close by a forest fire in Oliveira de Frades, Portugal.

A wildfire began in Oliveira de Frades, about 100 kilometers from Porto in eastern Portugal, on 7 September, and spread some 30 kilometers west, to Sever do Vouga, and 40 kilometers southwest, to Águeda, in the neighboring district. At least 300 firefighters, 100 land vehicles and ten firefighting planes battled the blaze in a landscape dominated by eucalyptus trees. The uncontrolled spread of eucalyptus trees—which supply raw material for an economically important pulp industry, but which are extremely flammable—are a major factor in the rapid spread of wildfires. Portugal has a wildfire season lasting from June to September. Its hot climate, consistent warm winds coming off the Atlantic, and a well-forested landscape make it particularly susceptible to fire. Extreme temperatures and severe drought contributed to the 2020 fire season. A 2020 report released jointly by the Portuguese Association of Nature and the World Wide Fund for Nature states that Portugal is the European country worst affected by wildfires: more than three percent of its forest burns every year.

About the photographer

Nuno Andre Ferreira

Nuno André Ferreira (1979) is a photojournalist from Leiria. He holds a degree in information sciences from the Instituto Superior Miguel Torga in Coimbra and began his career...

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