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Stephen McCarthy


04 May, 2020

Masters athlete Pat Naughton (87) trains at his home in Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland, while under COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

Naughton retired from athletics in his late 20s, having won his third Irish decathlon title, but took up the sport again as he approached 40. Masters athletics is a class comprising athletes over the age of 35, divided into age categories, each spanning five years. Events include track and field, road running and cross-country running. People as old as 105 have competed. A global governing body, World Masters Athletics, coordinates official world rankings for athletes. Since taking up sports at a masters level, Naughton has competed in the 60 meters and in long jump, high jump and shot put, winning more than 330 medals.

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Stephen McCarthy

Stephen McCarthy is staff photographer at Sportsfile photography agency based in Dublin, Ireland. Since joining Sportsfile in June 2007, McCarthy has travelled extensively cov...

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