2008 Photo Contest, Sports Feature, 2nd prize

Erika Larsen

Redux Pictures for Field & Stream

01 January, 2007

Alyssa IIacoboni, who had just finished a run of chemo treatments, sits with a mule deer buck, taken at over 200 yards in the high desert. Alyssa was granted her wish of hunting mule deer through Hunt of Lifetime, a program that arranges hunts for children with terminal diseases. Alyssa has osteosarcoma and had her left leg amputated one year before the hunt. In some states it is legal for children under the age of 12 to hunt if in the company of a licensed adult hunter.

About the photographer

Erika Larsen

Her work has been included in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, National Geographic Society, Fotografiska Museum and Ajtte Sámi Museum. Her first monograph, Sami-Walking...

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