2008 Photo Contest, Sports Feature, 2nd prize

Erika Larsen

Redux Pictures for Field & Stream

01 January, 2007

Katie (8) and Nicole Walsh (13) show the birds shot after a morning of pheasant hunting. They have both been hunting with their father since they were three. In some states it is legal for children under the age of 12 to hunt if in the company of a licensed adult hunter. Approved prey includes wild turkeys and other birds, rabbits and small mammals, and stags of a certain height. The removal of age barriers in hunting follows campaigns by some outdoor organizations to give young people the chance to discover recreations other than computer games.

About the photographer

Erika Larsen

Her work has been included in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, National Geographic Society, Fotografiska Museum and Ajtte Sámi Museum. Her first monograph, Sami-Walking...

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